about the author: Tanya Kaushal, 20

I am Tanya, a third-year journalism student at City, University of London.


I aspire to be an international journalist. I prefer to be a multimedia journalist because I love both cameras and writing and occasionally visualising data. I previously interned with The Times of India and had a podcast at university for a short while.  
I speak three languages other than English and I am self-learning two more-French and Korean. I am your cliché ambivert who loves to read, meet new people, watch way too much Netflix, and run after my cat. Also, I love to explore new cultures and cuisines and I am a very multi-cultural person, having grown up in an international environment. Performing arts is also something I am quite passionate about which includes music (a little bit), theatre, and a recent interest in stage and screenwriting.  
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Tanya Kaushal, 20


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