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Hello there! I’m Juliette.


I’m 21 years old, and I was raised in a Franco-British family and schooled in an international setting in France before completing my undergraduate degree in the UK. Always being ‘in-between’ France and England has meant that I’ve often struggle to feel a sense of belonging to culture or place, but it has enabled me to meet a variety of people and cultures.


This made me really passionate about the complex nature of individual behaviour, humankind and the societies in which we live. As a result, I chose to study Sociology with Psychology at the University of Surrey and went on to spend half my university placement year working with refugees in an NGO in Paris and the other half at the University of Sydney, learning about Gender and Cultural Studies.


Throughout the last few years, I’ve always made the most of my drive to be involved by working as a Student Life Mentor, a Student Ambassador, a Study Abroad Adviser and by volunteering in a range of peer-to-peer support services…and now that I’ve finished my degree, I’m excited to have the opportunity to write for Twentysomething!


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