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Harry Bower
Founder, Twentysomething News



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Hi! I'm Harry. I'm 24, and live in London (UK) - and I'm the founder of Twentysomething Media, the company which owns the Twentysomething website. 

I grew up in Torbay in Devon and studied Performing Arts and Technical Theatre at South Devon College, before completing a bachelors degree in International Events Management from the University of Surrey, graduating in 2018. Immediately from University, I joined emap Publishing, where I currently work as an Event Manager, responsible for organising publishing events for reputable B2B brands like Nursing Times, Construction News, New Civil Engineer and Local Government Chronicle. I run a variety of events but specialise in award ceremonies, exhibitions, conferences and online events.

One of my career highlights so far is the music, arts and culture festival held annually in May in Brixham, Devon, called BrixFest. Aged 15 I joined the committee of this local event and built it from a small budget and no reputation, to an event attracting over 15,000 people across the Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend each year. I remained involved in BrixFest while working in London - but stepped back in May 2020.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has pretty drastically hit most people's lives. Some people are earning less than they were before, others have lost their job entirely. Some have lost loved ones. Others have suffered with their mental health. The one thing I suffered with, mild in comparison, was a lack of creativity. I lost my mojo. The thing that made my head flood with ideas every day and the thing that made me take risks on new ventures - something I did regularly before 'lockdown' hit.

I was sitting at home one day bemoaning to myself, the lack of representation of people my age in the media. The idea for a news opinion site written exclusively by people in their 20s suddenly hit me and carried me away one Sunday afternoon. Next thing I know, I've got a whole bunch of friends drafting articles and I'm knees deep in a website build. 

Young people, particularly those under 30, will usually have the time to have their voices heard. Usually when they're 45 and running governments and companies. Those experiences that form their personality and their future are valuable now, though - and that's what Twentysomething News is all about. It's about giving those in their 20s the opportunity to add their voice to the conversation, without being drowned out by those who are deemed more qualified to speak simply because of their age. I'm super proud of the initial progress we've made and I've been really (pleasantly) surprised by how many people in my friendship circle are enthused by the idea and want to contribute.

I'll still add my voice occasionally, but mostly I want to be part of a team of people curating opinion and providing my peers with a platform to make their voices heard.

Let's see where this goes!