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Hi, I’m Daisy!

I’m a Ship Science student at Southampton University - which essentially means I’m studying the engineering and design of anything at sea! My passion is low-impact and renewable energy, and I started my course as one of the very rare few with no sailing background, simply wanting to help the environment.


Being the odd-background-out on my course has fostered a huge drive in me to make my university and course a more welcoming place for a more diverse student body, championing the work of women and BAME students on my campus. 

I’m also training to teach pole fitness, a collector of houseplants and an avid knitter. I’m a lover of roping people into things I enjoy, and trying to champion and encourage them along the way. I’m incredibly excited to contribute to Twentysomething, and read some brilliant articles from my wonderful co-contributors!

(My hair is now much shorter and less volumous nowadays!).

daisy chapman

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