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Twentysomething is a news opinion site. We're open for contributions from anyone aged between 20-29. There are no limitations on subject matter or how many contributions you can make.

Here's your road map to contributing:

1. Email contact@twentysomethingnews.com with a bit about you, and the topic you want to write about

2. We'll email you back with some post guidelines

3. Get your draft approved

4. Your article will be online! 



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Frequently asked writer questions

What is Twentysomething News?

Twentysomething News is a news opinion site with contributions written exclusively by people in their 20s. The site was founded because of a frustration that people in their 20s and their opinions/views/experiences aren't accurately represented in national media. The site was launched in June 2020 and is run by people in their 20s for people in their 20s, but the audience is varied and broad. You can read a bit more about why the site was set up in the first ever article by the site founder here.

I want to write for you - do I need experience?


The site is about providing a platform for anyone in their 20s, regardless of previous writing experience. We welcome contributions from budding young journalists, experienced journalists, people who just have an interest or passion about something - or people who just fancy expressing themselves through writing.
There are almost no boundaries to the topics we'll host on the site, so if you have an idea (no matter how random or removed it may seem) - get in touch.

Do I need to complete an application to write for you?

No. All you need to do is write us an email (contact@twentysomethingnews.com) introducing yourself and giving us your article idea. We'll respond to let you know the next steps. This usually involves providing us with a date by which you can get over a first draft. One of our editors will work with you on any required amends, and then we'll publish your piece on the site. Boom! That's it. No application or form-filling required.

I'm not in my twenties, can I write for you?

The site is only open for contributions from people aged 20-29.
If you're below the age of 20, we'd encourage you to continue writing (there are lots of great independent sites that will publish your work). If you're 19 and turn 20 shortly, get in touch and we can set you up on the site ready to publish your work as soon as you turn twenty. If you're above the age of 29 - sorry! It's not that your experiences and opinions aren't valid, they definitely are, but the site exists to fill a gap in quality content from people in their 20s. If you're unsure of where you can publish your work, drop us a line and we can introduce you to some great alternatives.

Do you pay your contributors for writing?

At present the site does not generate revenue and so we are unable to renumerate writers for their articles (the site actually costs its founders to keep going). The medium to long-term goal for the site is to monetise it in a quality way, rather than splashing web advertising all over the place. If and when this happens we will be in a better position to pay writers. We understand that the promise of exposure doesn't keep the heating on or pay the bills, so if you're a freelance writer out of work we're not the site for you, and that's okay. However, if you're a budding young writer looking to have your work published somewhere and/or a journalist in a particular field who wants to branch out, we could be the site for you. Equally if you're someone who's just writing for the enjoyment of it, get in touch.

Do I have to write regularly for the website?

No, not at all. Life as a twentysomething can be stressful and busy. We have writers who have only written one piece when the moment took them, and writers who write a new piece every other week. We welcome all levels of experience and frequency - so if you think you've only got one article in you, that's no problem. Drop us a line. Obviously we're happy to take as many contributions as you can write, so don't feel obliged to wait a period of time before you write your second, third, fourth pieces!

Twentysomething is based in the UK - can I write from abroad?

Yes, definitely.
We have contributors based in the US and some parts of Europe. We are only able to publish articles written in English, but that's pretty much our only rule.

How does the submission process work?

Once you've written to us with an article idea, we'll respond with some next steps. These include providing us with a short biography and headshot image for your profile page, as well as social or portfolio links you'd like promoted. We'll also ask you for a date by which you can get a first draft done.
Once the first draft is ready, our team will read through it. Depending on your level of writing ability and/or experience, one of our editors may respond with a Google Doc link to your article with our amends. We proofread all articles, but only suggest amends where we think the piece could be improved or if there are spelling or gramatical errors to correct. All suggested amends are highlighted in a comments box which gives the author the choice to make changes or not. Our editors act in a way which remains respectful to the author's tone and writing style. Ultimately, writing for the site can be a great way to develop your writing skills. Once the piece is finalised, we will create some social graphics and a header image for the article, and upload it to the site drafts. You'll receive some links to proof and approve.
Once you've approved your piece on the site, the team will schedule the article to go live on a specific date. We encourage all of our contributors to promote the article on their own socials/networks, and each article will get at least one post on the official Twentysomething socials too. We aim to publish your article on the site within a week of receiving the first draft.

Can I post my articles on other sites or my own blog?

If you're submitting a piece of work to Twentysomething and it gets published, we ask that you not publish that specific article anywhere else. Duplicate pieces of content can mean a dilution of traffic to both sites. You should definitely set up a portfolio page if you're a serial-writer though, to display your work. If you're not sure how to go about that, drop us a line and we'd be happy to help.

Who runs Twentysomething?

Twentysomething was founded by Harry Bower (profile here) in June 2020. In July 2020, Rhiannon Hutchings ( profile here) came on-board as one of our editorial team. Both are friends from University and are passionate about writing and creativity.